About Nancy

Nancy began her journey over 20 years ago as she explored metaphysical realms bringing depth & meaning into her life. When she began sharing her gifts, she experienced joy and satisfaction and soon came to understand that inspiring others was a key part of her soul’s journey and life purpose. She helps others find inspiration, illumination, healing and happiness. Her passion is to continue to evolve, grow and expand her abilities to help others. She is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Intuitive, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and an Interfaith Minister. Nancy is dedicated to the soul’s journey, healing, growth, & transformation.

I practice Energy Healing utilizing quantum physics, spirituality & mindfulness to facilitate transformational wellness. Allow me to assist you in enhancing your life, growth, your life path, challenges, past traumas, injuries and emotional patterns.

This is how I look:

This is how I feel :) 

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